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5 BEST Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone!

Hello, my friends, today you are going to learn five different ways how you're going to make money just by using your smartphone, you can make money with your smartphone worldwide anywhere in the world, Philippines, India, United States, United Kingdom, Finland, anywhere. And you can do this for 100 percent free.

  5BEST Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

All you need is just your smartphone With some of these ways, you can earn only a little bit of money, but with other activities or earning potential is unlimited. So give me just five minutes of your time and I will show you five different ways how you're going to make money with your smartphone. And if you don't have five minutes, then I guess you don't deserve to make money with this the first way How you're going to make money with your smartphone is so-called money apps? So when you go to App Store, for example, on your Android phone, or if you go to iPhone play store there are lots of applications that say, hey, you can make money with this app And some of those apps are real and legitimate ones You're going to make money, for example, by playing games or downloading other apps or answering simple service or questions or accomplishing simple tasks or doing this kind of things.

And sometimes you have asked me in the comments like, what is the best app for making money? What's the best money app? I've tried a couple of the most common ones, also some of the more rare ones But based on all my research, after trying many of them and seeing many other people trying is that there isn't the best money app. All of them work in more or less the same way You can earn a couple of dollars here and there, but you can never make any significant amount of money And I am not using any of those apps personally at the moment because they pay so little bit amount of money and other ways that I'm going to sort of you in a moment are much better ways to make money with your phone But if you are interested in making money with those apps.

The second way, which is much more profitable and you can earn much more money, is called creating YouTube videos So when you have a smartphone, you can hit record and then you start recording yourself or the environment and you can make money by uploading your videos to YouTube platform. Now, if you have other videos, you already know how you can make money on YouTube When you upload videos to YouTube, they will pay you, for example, so-called ad revenue You can also make money with sponsorships You can also make money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is my number one recommendation for you if you are starting from zero because you don't need any following to start making money with affiliate marketing, it simply means that you leave a link in the description of your video, And when somebody clicks that link and they go and buy something, you earn money for that The requirement for earning money from YouTube ad revenue is that you need to have at least 1000 subscribers but you can start earning money with affiliate marketing, even with zero subscribers, Of course, you are not going to earn tons of money at the beginning, but as you keep on doing things, as you keep on building your YouTube channel, you will start earning more and more money little by little. And if you take a look at some of the biggest YouTube books, you'll see that many of them started by using their smartphone.

5 BEST Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

For example, Grahame's Steffon, one of the biggest names in this personal finances or real estate industry on YouTube, started by recording the first videos just with his smartphone And of course, he made some significant money actually from those videos as well But of course, later on, he has upgraded his equipment and system So I recommend that if you start creating YouTube videos with your smartphone, you create with that when you start earning some money and later on when you have earned some money, then you can upgrade your equipment, maybe buys a camera or some editing software or something like that But of course, you can completely start with your smartphone That's completely fine Then number three is pretty interesting It's selling products for companies and especially high ticket products because a lot of companies have people who sell products on phone So let's say that they are selling a product that costs, for example, 3000 dollars They will need somebody to sell it And they will pay that salesperson.So you, for example, they may pay you even 500 dollars for one sale So selling things, using your phone can be extremely profitable Personally, I have not done this, but I know people who are doing telephone sales and they are making significant money with this They are making a living and some people are making even big money by selling On phone number four, create Tick-Tock videos.

Recently I got started on 26th and I was really surprised at how easy it is to get views and followers compared to, for example, YouTube Of course, if you get views and subscribers on YouTube, usually those have, let's say, higher quality because they are usually more engaged There was a long time of videos, but getting views and followers and Tick-Tock is easier that can lead for you earning money But in a nutshell, the process works like this You create videos about topics that interests you publish them to your desktop profile and then you start getting views Then those people, they will also check out your profile and on your profile, you can leave a link. This can be, for example, an affiliate link It means that when people click it and they go and they buy something, you earn money for that Or you can, for example, leave a link to your YouTube channel So when people click it through your YouTube channel and they watch your videos, you can earn money from ads and they can also learn more from you They can also go and buy some other products So those are some ideas for making money with ticktock.

Of course, you can also make brand deals and promotions and take stock If you get the lots following, it means the same as on YouTube Lets say that you have, for example, at one million followers or 100000 followers, some brand may contact you and say, hey, put our product in your video. We will pay you, 500 dollars for reviewing our product, for example, the sewing and testing our product. So then you do that on your desktop video or, for example, on YouTube video and they will pay you for that. At this point, you probably realize that creating, for example, YouTube videos and Tick-Tock videos or doing sales on a phone, it's much more profitable than downloading some money apps. There is not a push button to resist, but there are some real and legitimate ways how you can make money if you do things consistently And the fifth way to make money with your smartphone is using other social media apps, for example, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and any other one.

Twitter, for example, and of course, you can do this in many different ways, but one idea that, for example, so-called Millionaire Men has been doing on Instagram is that he publishes motivational quotes and motivational pictures, like pictures of luxury lifestyle or sports car And then he put some quotes, like, work harder for yourself than your job and this kind of motivational things And then he has a link on his profile that says, for example, learn how to make money here or learn to do business better. When somebody clicks that links, then he promotes some products for those people And when people buy those products, the millionaire mentor earns money. Of course, that may sound like a more advanced strategy, but that works great on Facebook There are also many different ways how you can make money But don't make one mistake that a lot of people have been doing, They start spamming their links on Facebook, They go to different groups and they spam their links all over the Facebook, Then they get banned.

 5BEST Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

By the way, spamming your links on spamming, in general, will not lead you making money, I guess you already know that But I just want to mention this because I've seen a lot of people spamming their links on Facebook, One way that I have seen people making money on Facebook is creating groups, For example, I saw one person creating a group like, Hey, do you want to learn how to use Kanawa,

 5BEST Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

how to create thumbnails and pictures and edit this line of things with Kanoa? He created the group about that, And then in that group he created a relevant and helpful content, He gave tips for free, how to use kind of a how-to-do all kinds of design things, And then on that group, he promoted his courses so people from that group went to buy his courses or another person created the group about affiliate marketing, He said, hey, do you want to learn to make money online with affiliate marketing? Join this group, And then people started joining that group, And then in that group, of course, he created again, helpful and relevant content, People like that content people and get sent comments and questions, all these kind of things, And then he said, hey if you want to learn more, check out this courses or take out this resource, And when people check that out, he earned money for that.

So those are some ideas of how you can make money through Facebook with Pinterest or Twitter, for example, You can use similar kind of promotional things as on Instagram, for example, you can live links on your posts, You can leave a link on your profile and then post some relevant content that your audience likes. I'm going to give you one bonus tip for you making money with your smartphone, But before that, let me know in the comments below which one of these five strategies you are going to use to make money with your phone. So that bonus tip is that when you start on those platforms, for example, and take stock of YouTube or some of those social media apps, decide just one topic that you are going to talk about. Don't post content, for example, about sports, and about cars, then about lifestyle that about computers and technology, like all different things. Just pick one topic. For example, if you have cars, then post content about cars, your favorite cars, luxury cars, whatever is your like person, and then focus on that topic, post everything about that topic, because it will be easy for your followers to follow you, to engage with you, They will also start expecting your content. They will expect OK, maybe next you will post this and that they can request content from you.

So focus on just one topic instead of trying to be an expert with everything that will lead you to more success in the long term, And another bonus, just stays consistent, because I see a lot of people starting on different social media platforms and they post maybe five times or ten times that they quit, They thought, OK, this doesn't work, I'm going to quit. When you start for the first time, usually you don't get the results immediately like this, It requires some consistently, So I said for you a goal post at least 100 posts, Once you have posted those Walrath posts, take a look at them. Which one is working great, which one is working, but then start posting more on what is working great and post less on what this working not so well? So then you can improve your results all the time and you don't need to be afraid of making failures because that's part of the game.

If you commit yourself to one platform, let's say for one a year or two years, I promise to you that you can create a significant amount of following. And over time, of course, you can make a significant amount of money. But the most important thing is consistency so that you never give up. And my number one recommended way for you to make money with any of these threats is also to use affiliate marketing. So you promote other people's products in your profile, in your videos because. Then you don't need to create your products that are quite time-consuming, especially if you are just starting out and with affiliate marketing, you can earn even big commissions, as have shown you in my other Articles. If you want to learn more details on how you can make money with affiliate marketing. I will give you some resources that can help you out to go from, even for a complete beginner to making a full-time income online. And you and me, we will see you in the next Article. I wish you a wonderful and successful day, my friend.


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