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What are the best applications for students?

As a student, you need a lot of things to maintain your sanity. You should have a good study schedule first, then you should be able to communicate with your friends and family, which is why so many students have an iPhone. However, one of the most important aspects of having an iPhone and being a student is the fact that you can apply certain apps that will help you both in your college life and in your social life. With the iPhone constantly creating new apps, you can find fun and useful apps.

What are the best applications for students

iPhone Ajax Bartender is perhaps the coolest app for a student who always wants to have a good time. This amazing app allows you to find and makeover 40,000 different alcoholic drinks. However, what makes this app unique is the fact that it lets you choose your drinks based on what you want to put in them. Have you ever been with friends and someone said they wanted to drink tequila but didn't know how to make so many kinds of drinks with it?

Well, with the Ajax Bartender app you can choose Tequila after which you can choose what you want to mix with a full list of different drinks showing the two ingredients you want to appear on your screen. It's perfect for party ideas, a surprise get-together with friends, or just a great companion on the go. You never have to wonder what to drink that night.

Another great app that is a far cry from the previous app; However, it plays an equally important role in the life of a student. Whether you are majoring in the physical sciences or criminal justice, you will need to take math classes. And if you're like most people, you must have a calculator to fit into these dreaded categories. However, instead of having to carry your iPhone and a bulky calculator, you can only carry your iPhone when Belfry SciCalc is installed. This scientific and programming calculator will give you access to many types of equations. Whether you need this calculator for algebra, trigonometric functions, or even standard math problems, this app can handle just about anything you throw at it.

Which makes this app ideal for a variety of students, because no matter if you are working on a hex problem or you can't remember the square root of 164, you can use this calculator with ease and accuracy. Also, the main reason why so many people love this app is that it eliminates the need for a huge scientific calculator in most cases and only allows you to carry your iPhone. When you're in college you have nothing to worry about, so why not let Belfry SciCalc iPhone take care of your bills for you?

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