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If you have a product like the iPhone, it is very important to take good care of this electronic device so that it lasts for many years. One of the easiest ways to care for your Apple iPhone is to avoid buying multiple products to protect it for the rest of your life. However, it is important. This is the best way to get T.L.C. on your new phone. it just cleans it. However, this is a significant problem for many people. The reason is that the iPhone is a unique device and its screen is so sensitive to touch that many people don't know how to properly clean their iPhone without damaging it.

 How to clean your iPhone

Obviously, when cleaning your iPhone, you don't just want to wash it with a cleaner, as these cleaners can actually cause your iPhone to malfunction and thus deliver a defective product to you. When cleaning your iPhone, you need to be very careful and don't do it if you're in a hurry. The reason is that if you are lazy or in a hurry, you could damage the iPhone's inner workings, as well as the still important screen. When cleaning your iPhone, you must have several items. With these items, you can effectively clean your phone without damaging the delicate touchscreen or the inner workings of your stylish phone.

Before cleaning iPhone, make sure of the following: water, a microfiber cloth and your favorite CD to relax and make the process easier. NEVER use chemical agents to clean your iPhone, as they can affect the way the screen interacts with you. After gathering all the items, sit down and pour the water into a small glass. Use the microfiber cloth available from several iPhone retailers to soak the end of the cloth in water to saturate it with water.

Just make sure you don't use too much water. A great way to check for enough water is to pick up a piece of glass or go to the mirror and clean a corner with the damp cloth. If there are drops of water dripping from where you cleaned the mirror, there is a lot of water on the cloth and you need to dry it.

You want to clean the iPhone screen without water drops. Then, take the slightly damp cloth and start cleaning the iPhone screen in an up and down motion. Do not wipe in a circle, as this can cause unpleasant stains when turning on iPhone. One or two taps are usually required to clean the entire surface of the iPhone. How often you clean your iPhone depends on how often you use it. Since the phone screen is the interface of the entire product, it is constantly in use, so that fat accumulates on your fingers and creates a dark appearance on the screen. Ordinary users clean the iPhone once a week, possibly every two weeks.

Amro Mohamed
Amro Mohamed
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