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How to Send MMS Messages on iPhone ?

For those who own the Apple iPhone, it is likely to quickly become their most widely used electronic device, and why not? With features as amazing as internet access, music storage, and simplified interface design, this product replaces three important personal electronic devices. Regardless of what you use for your iPhone, it is still a cell phone, and with your cell phone, you would expect it to perform various functions. One of the main reasons why so many people have chosen the iPhone is because it promises to make text messaging very easy and convenient. And after using iPhone indefinitely, it is easy to understand that text messaging is extremely easy and fast with this phone.

How to Send MMS Messages on iPhone

However, if you are used to communicating with your friends and business associates via SMS and MMS or MMS, you may be extremely disappointed with the iPhone. The reason for this is that all of the major enhancements and major functions of the iPhone are still lacking in simple functions. This feature allows you to send MMS text messages such as video and picture messages. When many users first found out about the lack of this feature, there was an uproar as many people rely on this medium to keep their contacts updated on their current activities.

While the iPhone is an incredible electronic device, the inability to send MMS text messages is a major hurdle for so many current and potential customers. What if you found out that there was a way to get around this obstacle and still send pictures of your funny dog ​​to all of your friends? Even if you can't send an MMS text message, you can still send photos to your friends' phones without SMS. Most cell phones made in the past few years now have email capabilities, whether users know it or not. Now you can send MMS to all of your friends via email.

This is very easy and takes very little to do with your iPhone. The photos will be sent to the recipient via email. However, the person you contact via email doesn't need to have email support on their phone to receive your message. The only requirement is that your recipient can receive MMS messages. Find the photo you want to send on your iPhone and tap the link to send photos in the bottom left of your iPhone.

Enter the recipient's phone number and operator's email prefix to send the MMS message. An example of this would be 3145556847@tmomail.net for a T-mobile number. To do this, you need to know who the operator of your recipient is. However, all you have to do is ask your friend who his cellular operator is. After that, you can send the MMS message to them and they will receive it as an MMS text message.

The following are the top wireless carrier email prefixes: Verizon, vzpix.com; AT&T / Cingular, mms.att.com; T-Mobile, tmomail.net; Sprint / Nextel, messaging.sprintpcs.com; Virgin Mobile, vmobl.net; Amp'd Mobile, vzwpix.com; Alltel, message.alltel.com 

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