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If you are like most people, your life is likely to be very hectic and extremely busy. Like most people, you've mastered the art of multitasking, introducing a mobile phone that lets you multitask like never before. Apple iPhone lets you do a lot of things at once by switching between email, text messaging, and web browsing. However, as a busy person, sometimes holding your iPhone can get too difficult and you might not be as productive as you need to be.

Rotating holder for iPhone PED 3

This is especially true in an office when you have a desktop computer, an office phone line, and your iPhone. Trying to juggle all of these variables can lead to confusion or worse, terrible headaches. So if you have an iPhone; many products will help extend the usefulness of this amazing product.

One of the best accessories that you can have with your iPhone is the PED 3 rotary stand. Truly hands-free working with your iPhone is possible with this amazing stand. Whether you are at home or in the office, this accessory will prove to be a real lifeline. It works very simply: you attach your iPhone to the holder and it holds it in place so that you can use your hands for other activities, like walking. For example, to write that email to your boss or to have a turkey and cheese sandwich. This holder is designed around the iPhone so that it fits perfectly.

Once you've installed your mount, you'll find that small arms stick out and these arms hold your iPhone in place without obstructing the screen. Unlike other stands, this PED 3 iPhone holder allows you to use your iPhone as if you were holding it. Once you have placed your iPhone on the stand, you can rotate it from vertical to horizontal.

You choose what your iPhone looks like based on what you do with the phone. When you watch a movie while you are working, you want to rotate it horizontally so that you can enjoy a movie on full screen. However, when you send a text message or make a phone call, you might want to keep it vertical.

This iPhone holder is literally like an extra pair of hands. Once you buy it, you will never want to go without it again as it gives you the security of your iPhone and frees your hands to keep going through your workday. You can rotate this stand 360 degrees. You also have a choice between two different angular positions. Plus, you no longer have to worry about this stand breaking as it is made from a superior steel structure as well as a baked-on coating that prevents chipping and other issues. And the handles that hold your iPhone are extremely soft and made of rubber-coated metal. 

Amro Mohamed
Amro Mohamed
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