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Top 4 Apps That Pay Money for Watching Videos in 2021

These websites are not actually new, they have been around for years. Some of them are for over 10 years and they have paid money for hundreds, even thousands of people worldwide. And I want to be, again, 100 percent honest and transparent with you with this website. My estimate is that you can make Máxima one dollar per day by watching videos and maximum five dollars per day.

 4Apps That Pay Money for Watching Videos

The first website is called FTS or Points, and I have known this website actually since 2006, 2007, 08, like three or four years already. And it has been around for a long time. I know several people personally who have cashed out money from that website. However, personally, when I created my original feature points review on my website or online revenue dot com, I said that don't go to this website is not a word. I'm still saying to you that it's not worth it if you want to learn better ways to make money online. But for those people who simply like watching videos, answering surveys or doing simple offers like downloading apps or playing games, earning a couple of cents or a couple of dollars here and there for that purpose, this is fine. They pay you some real money.

 4Apps That Pay Money for Watching Videos

And recently I have recorded Bedel what I asked them more details about this website. In that video, I also explained you a better way for making money using feature points and other similar websites. So I'm sure you will find that video helpful to the second website is called Price Rebel. And I have also known about this one like for three or four years. It was founded back in 2007, more than 10 years ago. So it's a very reliable, very well-established website. One thing I want to mention about Price for a while is that if you earn some points because in this website, you will be earning points and then you turn those points into cost, the same as with thefirst one, Frayser points, you also earn points. 

And once you have 500 points on a price, horrible, you can cash out five dollars to PayPal. Or if you want to take Amazon gift cards, you can also take that option. But I know that many of you want real cash, so you can guess out to Amazon. But if you start earning let's say you earn 200 points, but you are inactive for six months, you would not use that website for six months, then they will put your points into zero. So you want to keep on using it and then it comes out once you get that 500 points. Because I saw, for example, on my account, there were some points actually a couple of times because I had mentioned it in some of my blog posts and then people signed up. So I earned some points for that, but they went to zero because I wasn't using the site. So that is just something for you to keep in mind that keep active if you want to cash out the money.

 4Apps That Pay Money for Watching Videos

Now, if you're asking how to make money on this website, let's look at the same like feature points, like their Facebook page, for example, answering daily service, watching videos, downloading apps, playing games, options number three, and a Foxley mobile application so you can make money simply by using your smart phone number three double app. This works only in specific countries, for example. No, I'm currently in Hungary and it's not available here. But if you are, for example, in the United States, it will be available there with the double app. You can earn gift cards. So they pay you in PayPal money or real cash, they pay you in gift cards and they have paid already more than 2.5 million dollars in gift cards to their users. Also, some of my friends have cashed out gift cards through that application. And you are going to make money again by watching simple videos.

So simple ads, they don't pay a lot by watching videos. Like if you have seen other videos, what I simply walk you through click by click on this, make money by watching video sites, they pay you maybe maximum like five cents per video. So if you want to like one dollar donate towards at least twenty videos, but they only have like a limited amount of videos available. So I would say that you can watch maybe three or four videos in a day with one app or a lot of website, of course depends on the website. Again, number four is Slide Joy and I have known about this application since 2007 for more than three years and they began all.

So four simple activities, but it's a very unique application because they have this lock screen thing, like when you lock your screen and when you open it, this application activates, then you've got to watch some video. So what some apps and earn money for doing that. They also offer like similar kinds of offers, like those first websites, like like downloading other applications, making money through that, or downloading apps and playing games. Because, you know, many of these make money run apps. They refer you to other applications. So let's say they refer you to application B, that is, for example, some game you will need to read, for example, level 10, and then you will get a certain amount of points that you can later turn into cash.

4Apps That Pay Money for Watching Videos

So that's how it works. If it sounds complicated, ask me the comments. I will explain to you more in detail. So these are the four moneymaking apps and websites. Again, I want to remind you that these are not going to make you a lot of money. These are some form, very little bit of money for people who want to, let's say, to get proof that making money on works well for people who just want to use this rather than distracting themselves on social media. So, again, this is one option. I don't recommend it because there are better ways for you to make money. And the more value you give for the marketplace, the more money you will earn by using these kind of apps, a website to bring some value for the marketplace, for answering service or watching videos, doing this kind of small things. But the value is not great.

If you provide more value to the marketplace, who will earn more money? And you can do that, for example, on Dick Toco YouTube through your own website or many different options that I have shown you on my YouTube channel. Thank you very much for watching my friend share this article with your friends so they can also learn and earn. And to you and me and my friend, we will see you in the next article. How wonderful day.


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