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4 Ways How You Can Earn EVEN MORE MONEY!

The first thing that you can do is you can come to YouTube, that car, and then you come here on the right hand corner right here or click here, create a new upload a video. In other words, you upload a video to YouTube with the title Hanigan Review or something like that when people search here. Let me show you here. When people search, they're interested it Hannegan a good while or not, you create your video here. So if people find it on YouTube, let's say that they are thinking this is good, is is not you share your experiences, you say how much you sell everything as I have done.

 4Ways How You Can Earn EVEN MORE MONEY

Then when people sign up through your link, you can start earning 10 percent. So let me give you actually some examples. If you have, for example, one thousand people who sign up through your link, each of them is, for example, one dollars per month, times one. That is sixty one thousand dollars. And of course, you need to make sure that it's 10 percent. So you will earn 10 percent of those earnings. So that is one thousand divided by ten. That is easily 100 dollars. So that is and of course, getting referrals for programs, it's much easier than for programs that, let's say, require some money because Onegin is one person, three, anybody can use it worldwide. So it's relatively easy to get the referrals compared to many other things.

So let's say that over time you would get 5000 people and over time for each one of those would earn, let's say, for example, five dollars on average. So five thousand people, they earn five dollars on average. Somebody who has five hundred, somebody who has zero, so on and so forth, ten, ten percent out of this would be two thousand and that would be 25000 times zero point one. So that is two thousand five hundred dollars. And those are just one with one example. You create this video here and if you don't have a webcam or something like that, you can do this on your smartphone. So we can you simply download some application for a smartphone to record that and then you do that or you can simply record with your smartphone.You showed the hand again.

How it works is for the process, as I've shown you, or if you are using your, let's say, your laptop computer, you come to here to screen customers. This is actually what I'm using right now to record this video. It's one in three. You click here, record for free or you sign up, it's free and then you actually start using your clicking, recording, recording your screen. You can show people how to do it. So creating YouTube video is wonderful. I recommend it another way is creating a block. Once you have the block post, you can have step by step instructions and then you can direct people that block post. And that is how I have personally made tons of money while driving blocks.

That is great because you can target key was like hard again. Payment proof Hannegan reviewal. So when somebody searches on Google, let's say for example, somebody might search. Is Holligan legit. You write the article with the title is Hanigan Let It and then you can appear on the top of Google by following the instructions. I saw you in this video. Of course, this takes a little bit more time because you need to set up the block, but it's going to be great for the long term. And also on Google, there is more traffic. There are more people searching on Google than on YouTube. So you can decide whether you want to use both of them are great. Also, one of the good ways is, let's say, easy ways you can come to your profile on your Facebookor Instagram.

I don't use Instagram, but. you can also Instagram. You come here. What's on your mind? You explain something about Hanigan here in a genuine way, and then you put your Hanigan link here. So you come here, you copy your Hannegan link, then you post it here, you explain how it works and then your friends can start using it to earn some money. That's one way. Or you can create Tick-Tock profile. So actually I have also Tic-Tac profile. I have like almost 40000 followers on Tick-Tock and you can leave a link here. So you can see here, if you want to make money by sharing your Internet connection, click below and then you can have a link here to Hanigan and people can go there. Then you can create the video where to explain a little bit like how Onegin works.

You saw your payment proof and all this kind of thing. So people know it's a real it's a safe is legitimate. You can even sell some parts of, like other people's videos how it works. So there are four ways. One is YouTube. I would say YouTube is probably the strongest then the second one is block. That the second strongest, then the third one is it. Oh, let's say ticktock. And then we have also Facebook and Instagram on Instagram. You can also leave a link in the same way like on Ticktock so you can simply create posts about Hanigan and then you can say if people want to learn, they can click the link in your description. So those were four ways how you can first increase your again by spreading a net. And also using multiple devices and then for ways how you can earn more money from referrer program. So in total it was like seven different ways how you can increase your earnings. Thank you very much for reading. A wonderful day.

Amro Mohamed
Amro Mohamed
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