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In this article, I will show you seven real money making apps that pay some real money, real cash. These are proven to work and they have paid money for many people for years. Some of them have operated already for 10 years, and they have paid money for thousands of people worldwide. And these are 100 percent free to use. App number four is the easiest way to make money online. An app six can pay you the highest income in this whole period of time because you've got to earn up to 30 dollars per hour by using that app. And if you watch this video and I will show you as a bonus, the best way to make money using your smartphone after you have watched this video tell me the comments, which one of the seven apps you are going to make money online or are you going to use that bonus way, which is the best way to make money?

 7Making Apps That Pay in 2020

Let's start right away with app number one, which is a full app. And this has been operating already since 2011. So a long period of time and they have paid a lot of money for their members. This is the best for people who like photography and taking pictures and sharing pictures online because this is so called photo bank. In other words, you can take pictures, then you can upload those pictures into full photo bank and then people can buy those pictures. And when people buy your pictures in full for the bank, you will earn some money. And more of your pictures are both the more money you will earn.

One good strategy for making even more money with this photo back is that you upload your same pixels into many different for the bugs, for example, to Shutterstock and many other ones that are online. Then you can generate multiple income streams and you can maximize your income as a photographer. Number two is called field agent. And this is actually pretty interesting. It's been operating since 2013. And with this app, you will have different kind of tasks to do and you will always earn some money for doing that. Let me give you two examples.

They may ask you to go to MacDonalds and take a picture of the menu, or they may ask you to go to Walmart and take a picture of a specific product in the Wal-Mart shelf and then give you a review of the product. In other words, there are small tasks for you to finish within this app. And once you are done with them, then you will earn money through free agent. Number three is called up Nuna. This has also operated for years and years with Abdulah. You can make money, for example, by downloading apps and playing games.

One example is that they tell you, download this game, play this game, for example, to reach level five in that game, and then you will earn 50 cents, for example. However, some people reported that they had some challenges and problems with App Nuna. They came, for example, Aira when they had earned a certain amount of money. So I recommend being careful for Ablana and it's not one of those favorite ones in my list. Now, before it's the easiest way to make money in this list, and that's called Hanigan up. I recently created the video where I explained to you step by step and I saw click by click, how are you going to make money with this app?

You will simply make money by sharing your Internet connection. And I will give you a five dollar bonus if you use my promo code, Rolpa five. I can also leave that promo code in the description so you can simply copy and paste that from a code and get that free five dollar bonus when you start using Hanigan with my promo code. If you want to learn more details about Hanigan and get started click by click, I will leave you a link, a description for my Hanigan Review where I explain to you all the details. Hannegan is different, comparing the other one in this list. Because you can make money by doing nothing.

In other words, you simply shadow interconnects and then you can start doing whatever you like an you will keep earning money. But of course, all of these ways are not like they will not make you rich. They are more like a small side income or some pocket money and something like that. Number five is called Dosch Up. This has been very popular during the years and they pay you money back for your purchases and sometimes you get some discounts when you are paying for your credit card. And this works in many, many different stores, for example, Mart and many others. It also has worked on you, Uber, so it depends on your location if this works in your country. But in the past, the referral program has been very lucrative for a lot of people.

It means that when you invited people to use DOS app, you earned some reward, for example, five dollars or even more, and then some people earned hundreds of dollars. I actually know some people personally that have earned hundreds of dollars simply by inviting people to dose up. And people have also been extremely satisfied with their cashback and discount program when you can make money by shopping on. In other words, you can get discounts and cashback and all those things, the average rating for this on Google Play store is 4.5 stars out of five, which is Hudes, according to more than 40000 reviews. So people are really loving this. So if this works in your location, go ahead and download this.

Then number six can buy you the most money in the shortest periods of time because you can earn up to 30 dollars per hour with this. Are they are those user testing apps? So there is one called user testing. Another one is, for example, through my UI. And there are also other options. How this work is that the company pays money for the platform and they ask, hey, can you send me users to test my app or website? Then this application finds people just like you and you will need to test those apps. Then you will speak out loud and give you a review and this company will receive your feedback and then you will earn money by giving your feedback. So it's a pretty straightforward process, my friend.

For example, in the past he earned some money, if I remember right, like one hundred two hundred dollars using user testing. But the challenge with these kinds of apps is nowadays that so many people already know about these apps. So there are so many users that there are not many tests available. If you are fast and you are like waiting for this test, then you may get something and you may earn even 30 dollars per hour. But most of the time there are new tests available because there are so many users simply waiting for these new tests. Then app number seven is called SWAC Bucks, and this is people with the biggest amount of money for their users already more than four hundred and thirty million dollars using bucks. You're going to make money by playing games, watching videos or downloading apps or searching things online.

There are many of these easy ways, for example, answering questions on online surveys. I actually credit the video recently where I gave my own Swack bucks payment proofs. I so approve that they paid some money for me. And then I walk you through in detail how much money they pay you for this certain activities. Again, I will pay you some little money, some pocket money, but it will definitely not make you rich. Then I'm going to give you the bonus, which is after the ceremony where it's no, tell me the comments with one of the seven words you are going to use to make money or are you going to use the best way, which I promise to solu you as a bonus, the best way to make money using your smartphone?

In my personal opinion, those are YouTube and ticktock apps, because you can pick your smartphone, you can take videos of yourself and you can upload them to YouTube. And then those videos that you upload to YouTube dotcom, they can keep on generating your money even for years to come, even for decades to come. There are some videos on YouTube that people who uploaded them, they have made one at you in ten years. And there are, of course, many different ways how you're going to make money using YouTube app.

One of them is when people watch the videos and they click those ads that they will see before your videos. But you can make even bigger money by leaving link interest groups and so-called affiliate links. So when people click your link, they go and buy something online. You can earn money and you can start this money making process. Even when you have zero subscribers, simply record a video uploaded to YouTube and then leave an affiliate link in the description.

Then Tick-Tock app is also wonderful. First of all, you can use Tick-Tock to get people to watch your YouTube videos. And these are hugely powerful nowadays because Tick-Tock is the most downloaded mobile app at the moment. You can also leave your affiliate link on Ticktock. So when people watch your Tick-Tock videos and they click your link, you can earn money for that. And I have created step by step walkthrough videos where I saw you for free, how you can make money using Tick-Tock, my friend Jonathan Montoya, Thomas Garretts, Jake Thornhill. They have made even tens of thousands of dollars using Taketo. And you and me, my friend, we will see you in the next article. How wonderful. And a successful day.


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