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Top 5 Programs That I Have Used to Earn $100+ Per Day Passive Income Online!

Would you like to make 100 dollars per day passive income online in this window? I'm going to show you real life examples how you can make 100 dollars per day online, even if you would be sleeping or laying down on the beds or spending time with your loved ones. In other words, how you can make money while you are not even working. Before I saw you, the steps and the struggle to see how you can make 100 dollars per day passive income online.

Top 5 Programs That I Have Used to Earn $100

I want to appreciate and take time to and thank you for all the comments that you have been leaving on my channel. I appreciate the lot that you ask questions from me, unless you have seen our reply to all of your questions and comments personally. And today, I also wanted to answer one of the most common questions. What is easy way to make money online? Let me solve some of the recent comments that I have received from you. I have taken these screenshots to solu nicoise asking I want to earn Khaleb Labasa the same. I'm a student and I want to make fast money and I don't have any money to start an investment. So in this way, I saw your strategy, how you can make money without any investments and you can start earning like nicoise, asking then how can I make money using my Android phone even if it's between 400 and one thousand dollars in a month? OK.

If you follow this thread so you can do it also on your smartphone, also on your Android phone. So follow very closely then. Besides asking, sir, I need to make more money. So what? Swedan and I saw you as friends. That will make you more money. Can I know some app about earn five or ten dollars per day from playing some games. OK, in this window, I'm not going to show you something that will make you five or ten dollars per day. I'm going to show you that will make you much more than that, at least Waha dollars per day. And then Chris was saying great advice. Thank you.

I have been looking for ways to make passive income. So in this video, I saw you aware how you can make passive income. In other words, make money while you are sleeping. And then Israel, Ezekial, ask if I want something easy or hard, but is a technique like click to add slowly but easy to make money. OK, so several people have been asking this easy way to make money. Now there are of course, a lot of different ways to make money online. And if you have been following my YouTube channel, you have seen several different ways to make money from home. Some of them are very easy. Some of them are a little bit harder, maybe. But I wouldn't recommend that you start some easiest way to make money online, because recently I so do what is, in my opinion, the easiest way to make money online.

That is capture solving. That is so easy that even a five year old person could do it. It's completely so easy. But the problem with that one and also other easiest ways to make money online and they don't pay you, so they really well. So if you are willing to do something that requires some effort, you will usually earn much more money. Then the second point is that anything new is usually hard at first, but then it becomes easy. Think about some of the skills that you have learned during your life, for example, walking or riding a bike, this kind of basic skills or writing or let's say typing on your computer and other normal skills that nowadays you do automatically or for example, using your smartphone nowadays are automatic skills for you.

But when you got started, they were hard, but always in life. If you keep on doing more of something, it will become easier and easier and easier and easier. The same is with making money lot. If you start today, it may be it may feel a little bit hard for a while, but then it becomes easier and easier and easier for you. It works in the same way like any other skill. And I would encourage you to think about the reward and the end goal. Like, would you like to make this very easy or easiest money online, which is maybe five dollars per hour with some capital solving? Or would you rather make one or a dollar passive income while you are sleeping or laying down a bit or relaxing whatever you want?

Which one do you prefer to think about the end goal? And if you prefer more money in the long run and also making a positive impact on other people, go for the bigger one. Go for not so easy one. Also, I saw you how you can do it quite easily because I believe anybody can do it. But it's a little bit harder than cop to solving. That's what I want to mention. And now I'd love to hear from you, Paul. This we do an answer to me in the comments. Are you going to start this moneymaking process after Reading this Article, tell me. Yes, I will start making money in the comments if you are going to take action.

Are you going to take action and to life and start making passive income online? Let me know. In the comments to my number one recommended way to make money online is affiliate marketing. And if you have seen some of my other videos in the past, you may already know what it means. But if you are new on this channel, I want to explain it to you in a nutshell. Affiliate marketing simply means that you earn money when somebody clicks your link and buys some product afterwards. For example, you leave a link to Amazon, somebody clicks it, they go to Amazon, they buy any product on Amazon and you earn money. Amazon will send you money. And I am also using myself affiliate marketing to make a living online. And now I'm going to show you five real life examples of companies or products that you can promote, copy the link pasted and start making money. And these companies, I also promote it myself. So I know that these companies, they pay real money. And I also want to practice what I preach. So I want to recommend the things that I'm using myself that I've seen in practice.

These things work that I can make money. My friends are making money so you can make money. Also, I don't want to recommend or promote something that I haven't tested or tried myself. So I know and I can guarantee that these companies, these work these pay real money, real costs. So let's dive soon to the screen. And I saw you. And once I have sold you these five real life examples, I'm going to give you two real ideas, step by step ideas, how you can start making money with these five companies. And in the blink of description, you can also get started with my one on one support for completely free.

The first company that I want to mention is called Let the Market There. And I want to mention this one first, because with them I made my record today, which was three thousand dollars in one day. I believe you also link for that. We do in the description. So let me. So you little market, there is a company that provides education and courses and one on one coats's and live events for helping people to build their online businesses. And let me Soryu their affiliate programs. So you can see here in the screen there are many different products. So when somebody clicks your links and they go, for example, to this page, they fill out their email address and name. They are so called referrals for you. So whatever products they buy afterwards, you earn commissions for that.

So somebody may even buy all of these products and you may earn commissions for that. I have a friend who is part of this alleged market that he's one of their affiliates and he started promoting it. And later somebody bought products through his link. And here like 6000 dollar commissions, like at least three or four or six thousand dollar commissions. And that was like 6000 for sale times for that was like twenty four thousand dollars for forces. That was insane for me because sales like two thousand dollars, a great thing about the market, that is that they pay very high commissions, they care for their affiliates and they have very high quality products and live events and all these kind of things that have a lot of overhead, a lot of profit. So therefore they can pay a lot of money for people who promote them. And that is the first example.

If you want to make one or two dollars per day and let's say you, for example, want to do a lot of comisar, you need to make one sale every ten days for let's say, for example, you make one sale today, the nine days you can rest, then one sale with nine days rest, and that's how you can make one hundred dollars per day. This is such an example, the mathematics and the these things. But if we want to get started now, I will also leave you a Lincoln with groups and where you can start with literally market.

The second program, what medicine is called click follow. This is one of the most popular marketing products in the world. There are more than 100000 users in their Facebook community. There are almost 250000 members on their e-mail list and in their contact list there are more than one billion of contacts. So it's a huge company making millions of dollars per year. And they provide this software that helps online businesses and all kinds of businesses that will sales funnel and boost their sales. And they have currently two different main products. Click Finance and click follows platinum. And they are. Seven dollars per month and 300 dollars per month.

And when somebody buys these through your link, you will earn up to 40 percent commission monthly recurring Comiso. So let's say somebody buys, for example, their basic plan. Through your link, you will earn around 40 dollars every single month as long as they keep stay as a member. And if somebody buys this one, you will earn about one or twenty dollars or something like that. And that is recurring income. So you don't even need to make one sale every day in order to make it one dollars per day, because these commissions will start adding up and click. Finance is created by Russell Brunson, who is widely known as one of the best Internet marketers in the whole world.

So you can be guaranteed that most likely this company will keep on growing and growing and it's very reliable. Then one of the best programs that I highly recommend that I also promote myself is called Wealthy Ophelia. This is the community and training. When I originally got started first online were first on business. I learned the steps how to make money online. I was a complete beginner myself. I didn't know how to get started, so I simply went through their training. I implemented the steps. I asked the question for the community and that helped me to make a living online. I started traveling around the world and living this laptop's lifestyle. I achieved much more freedom than I ever dreamed of. They have also this affiliate program and they say here that on average, when somebody clicks through your link and buy something, you earn one hundred twenty one dollars per say. That is the average.

For example, my average is much higher than that I have calculated. But there are all kinds of members. So on average, this is one hundred twenty one dollars per sale. So if you make one sale per day, on average, you will make one hundred twenty one dollars. And they have paid millions and millions and millions of dollars in commissions over the time course because this company has been around for 15 years. Let me show you here, as you can see, it's a very reliable website. There have been around since two thousand and five now is 2021. So they have been around for 15 years. One of the oldest companies in the Internet world affiliate training. So, so wonderful if you are a complete beginner, because as I told you, I got started as a complete beginner without any prior experience and their training helped me to make money online.

Now, all these three products, let me show you what affiliate click finance and let the market share. They are more the digital products and usually digital products pay high commissions. As you saw, all of these are like up to 50 percent, even 30 or 60 percent, 20 percent minimum. They are high commissions. And that's why I, for example, promote a lot of detail of how high commissions and also high value. Because let me show you on Amazon, for example, if you would promote something like this, like a piano keyboard or, for example, keyboard for your computer display, lower commissions and Amazon pays like three to eight percent commissions.

So, for example, if you get five percent commission for this keyboard, you would make only five dollars per sale because this is 100 dollars. And here you earn five dollars a commission with a piano keyboard, you would earn a little bit more. But if it's five percent commission, you cannot earn so much. And also it would require much more sales to make a full time income. That's why I recommend, if you want to make a full time income, promote digital products. Also online courses pay good commissions. Let me give you two examples. So I have created this email marketing master records where I teach by step how I make money online with email marketing, because most of the income that I have made from the Internet has come through email marketing.

So simply writing and sending emails and doing it in an automated way. And in this course I teach you the secrets and how I have done it myself and how you can do it. Also, the price of this cause is like four hundred dollars. So if you promote my course, if you leave a link for this call somewhere and somebody buys through your link, I can pay you two hundred dollars of commission. So every time somebody buys this my course through your link, I will pay you two hundred dollars like this. Twelve dollars like this. Twelve dollars like this. Another example of online courses is called Transcribe Anywhere. And I want to mention this because I also promoted this call. So it's easier for me to talk about it. And I know it's reliable. As you can see, they have different levels and they pay. This pays like 20 percent commission. So it's not as high as on many other online courses. But it's still significant because if you sell, for example, the. Legal transcripts and course that I have sold also myself, it costs seven hundred dollars for the customer and 20 percent out of that is around one hundred and forty dollars commision. And every time somebody buys, it's one for the dollar, one has for the dollar to your bank account or PayPal account.

Now, these were five different products that you can promote and make money online. But now I will give you two real life ideas how you could make money by promoting these products. So let's have the screen again. Let's take, for example, this transcribe anywhere. So what I did personally, I went to YouTube and I created this transcript anywhere. Review 2021, the best transcription course online. As you can see here, I talk about this course I tell why, in my opinion is the best transcription course on the Internet and how it teaches people how to make money online through transcriptions. So I created this article. I recorded my webcam, I uploaded to YouTube. And nowadays it's there. It's generating views all over the time. Course. Then I have LinkedIn groups. And so when somebody clicks that links, they go to transcribe anywhere websites. And if they buy some of their courses for some of the products, I earn commissions for that. So that is one idea.

You can create a review about that product, of course, or whatever. You are promoting a record, a review with your smartphone. If your webcam of your camera record a video with your camera, upload that video to YouTube and then leave a link in the description. Let me so you can also leave a link in the comments area. And when somebody buys through your link, you will start earning money. And this is completely passive income because I created this video already in the past, but it will keep on generating more income even as time passes by. So that was the first idea. Second idea, write a blog post. So here we can see letting the market review. It's better than ever before here on my blog, your online revenue that come. We have more than 700 blog posts, Axelle, and one of them is about letting the marketer and here answer all the questions that people may have about a market that I saw that a marketer success story is what this little marketer all about. I saw inside the members area. I saw how I made three thousand dollars in one day and I tell about their affiliate program. I turned a profit. And of course, I answered all the questions that people may have.

So when somebody types on Google, for example, let the market the review, they may end up reading my review and then they get started with a marketer. And when they start, they go through my link and I start earning these commissions potentially if some of them buy these products. The same with this transcribe and it will review when somebody types transcribe prevue on YouTube. As you can see on the top, there will be my review. So if somebody clicks on what's the video, they may end up buying the product. So those are two ways you can create a video on YouTube and you can also write articles to your blog.

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